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Storm Chasers/Fly by Night’s

  1. The definition of a fly-by-night is an unreliable person who is generally not known and who cannot be trusted.

  • An example of fly-by-night person is the description used for a salesman who promises the world but doesn't deliver.

Many times after a natural disaster, your area will be awash in storm chasers: disreputable roofing contractors; who are un-insured, unlicensed, unskilled and undocumented. These storm chasers are usually from out-of-state and plan to stay only long enough to make a profit. These illicit roofing contractors prey on vulnerable victims of natural disasters by offering homeowners bargain prices for substandard roofs that leak or shed shingles in future storms. They will fly in and sell the job and leave just as fast to the next disaster strike. This leaves home owners on a long waiting list waiting for their contractor to subcontract a local roofing company (usually without their knowledge) and over charge the home owner so they can still make a profit over their subcontractor’s price.

  • Always ask for their Arizona License Number

  • Always ask is they will personally be over seeing or on the job

  • Always have a second opinion so you’re confident in your choice of contractor


Competing with storm chasers can be difficult because these renegade roofing contractors undercut the price for a roof charged by reputable contractors. As reputable contractors, you can stress to homeowners, that a roof is a major long-term investment, and they need to have it last for a long time. Most “fly by nights” use the cheapest products, cheap workmanship and cut corners to save any costs for them while leaving the home owners at risk of replacing their roof in 2 – 5 years. As a local family owned Arizona business we can guarantee to be:

  • Insured and Bonded

  • We are licensed in the State of Arizona and know its building codes.

  • We are Family owned and have ties to the community/region because we live there.

  • We have been in business in Arizona for a number of years understand Arizona Climate and Weather.

  • We have expertise developed through education, training and experience.

  • We know how to construct a roof that will withstand the weather conditions in our region: microburst, haboobs, hail, monsoons.

  • We have references from clients that you can contact, or just read their reviews on our website.

  • We have a portfolio with pictures of your work and letters of endorsement from satisfied customers.

  • We have a website with a local number.

  • We always use the highest quality of materials in the roofing industry.

State/Community Ties

Community and state ties assures that our company will be around to help fix the damages long after the storm chasers are gone because our reputation and business depend on it. For example, if we are licensed to do work in Florida, you probably know that Miami has the toughest roofing regulations in the country. As a Florida licensed and insured roofing contractor, you will be able to install roofs that meet Miami codes, which will allow your customers to collect on their home insurance, this holds true for licensed and insured roofing contractors from any state. Remember, being a reputable contractor isn’t just a commitment to our current clients but to our future business.

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